Bromham Village

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Bromham Village

For local residents this page provides details of local services, local clubs and what’s on in the village, information about local walks and footpaths, sport and leisure facilities, village history and the village carnival.  For those new to the area, thinking of moving here or visiting here is some more information about our village.

Bromham is set in beautiful countryside approx. 4 miles northwest of Devizes and within easy reach of some of the most iconic sites England has to offer. Beacon Hill and Oliver’s Castle provide a scenic backdrop on the eastern edge of the Parish with the woodlands of Spye Park Estate marking the western fringe.

A large slice of history is in easy reach from the pre-historic Ridgeway path and hill forts through the famous Wiltshire White Horses to the canals and railways of the Industrial Revolution. Besides the main village of Bromham, there are five other settlements in the parish: St. Edith’s Marsh, Westbrook, Hawkstreet, Netherstreet and Chittoe.

Bromham is a village with a supportive community spirit, with many village activities and good local walks. Bromham has been twinned with Avoca in Ireland since 1993 and Ingrandes sur Loire in France since 2003. 

Other Resources


Bromham retains thriving village shops and services providing support to villagers and those from the surrounding area.


There are plenty of social, recreation and leisure activities in the village and something for everyone.


Bromham Carnival is held in June every year and involves two weeks of village events leading up to a carnival parade.


The village walking group have compiled a booklet of their favourite local walks you can download for free here.


For a small village Bromham has lots of outdoor sport and leisure facilities. Find out more today by visiting this page.


Bromham has a long history as a settlement, with archaeological evidence stretching back to the Mesolithic time.