Aerial view from the church around the Wiltshire village of Bromham in Wiltshire, near to the towns of Calne, Melksham, Devizes and Chippenham

By Bromham Webmaster, Oct 23 2018 09:36PM

Devizes MP Claire Perry visited his farm as part of Green Great Britain Week and even suggested that growing cannabis could be his next green project.

But she was told that more needed to be done to make it easier for farmers to diversify as red tape at the top of Government departments made it difficult for projects like Mr Butler's to get funding. She was also told that cuts in green energy tariffs were also taking a toll.

Ms Perry promised to take the concerns back to Whitehall. She said: "I think what Jim is doing here is wonderful. There are thousands of homes in Wiltshire that do not have mains gas but could benefit from schemes like this."

She said she felt bad that she had to use heating oil at her home home and would love the opportunity to use gas.

The digesters installed at Bromham House Farm convert cattle waste into both gas and electricity as part of a project with Wales and West Utilities. Enough gas is generated to fuel around 7,000 homes a year and provide electricity for up to 300 homes.

His next project is to build giant green houses for tomatoes that would turn the C02 gas from the digesters into oxygen. He said: "This would make the whole scheme totally green.

Ms Perry suggested that instead of tomatoes Mr Butler could grow cannabis in the form of hemp, for medicinal purposes a practice which is gaining support from farmers across the country since a change in the law.

But Mr Butler's green energy projects have not gained support among some in other villages near Devizes.

His plan for a large concrete platform and track close to an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty has caused an outcry in Etchilhampton and All Cannings.

He has submitted a revised scheme to Wiltshire Council which is likely to go to eastern area planning committee next month.

As part of the Bromham scheme he wants to be able to store chopped up energy crops such as maize and rye grown on land in All Cannings and Etchilhampton on the new concrete pad at Manor Farm in All Cannings.

Gazette and Herald - 22 October 2018

By Bromham Webmaster, Oct 1 2018 05:53PM

A farmer who had massive fires on his land has failed in a second bid to overturn an abatement notice served by the council.

Lance Beale had huge blazes on his land in Bromham, one lasting seven days, which led to smoke and dust particles ruining the environment for neighbours.

But the 67-year-old claimed other people had similar bonfires and that he was being picked on by the council and Environment Agency, who were underworked.

After a one-and-a-half day appeal at Swindon Crown Court a judge, sitting with two justices, ruled the blazes had caused a nuisance and threw out his challenge.

Beale, who lives at Wyatts Lake Farm, Westbrook, was made subject of the order in September last year following complaints from neighbours in the village.

Local residents on the Greystones estate and surrounding area said the huge bonfires sent plumes of acrid yellow smoke billowing into their properties.

After taking advice from the authorities one household kept a diary to note down the fires and the issues they said were caused by them.

The court heard of a litany of complaints to the council about the burning activity on Beale's farm.

Last September an environmental health officer went to The Pound following complaints from residents.

She said that she could see a mechanical digger being used to apparently feed the large fire which was burning on the farm.

When she went to a house on The Pound she said she saw soot particles and smoke inside the house as well as in the back garden.

A statement was read from a man who had a holiday caravan on the farm in which he said he had never been smoked out.

Recorder Simon Levene commented that if he 'was present for the full seven days' when one fire was burning then 'we were surprised he was not smoked out'.

The judge, sitting with two magistrates, ruled the fires constituted a 'statutory nuisance' and so the council were right to serve the notice.

He said they had an impact on the residents' enjoyment of their gardens, saying "In that situation alone the council were right to serve an abatement notice."

As well as rejecting his appeal he ordered Beale to pay £6,082 in costs on top of the £835 he was told to hand over after losing his first appeal before magistrates.

Gazette and Herald - 25 September 2018

By Bromham Webmaster, Aug 21 2018 08:50PM

THE grandmother of YouTube sensation Joe Sugg who is to show his moves on this year's Strictly Come Dancing is likely to be able to give him a few tips.

For Phyllis Sugg, 95, was a bit of a dance expert in her younger years and once danced at Blackpool's famous Tower ballroom which is the goal for most contestants on the BBC show.

Joe's uncle Gary Sugg, who trained Joe as an apprentice thatcher before he gave up roof tops for another type of high life, is not sure how he will do.

Mr Sugg, whose thatching business is based in Bromham, near Devizes said: "He showed very good balance when he was learning to thatch and hopefully that will stand him in good stead. As a family we are all avid Strictly fans so we will all be watching with interest and cheering him on.

"My mum Phyllis was a very good dancer so I am sure she will give him some tips. She loves Strictly and danced herself at the Blackpool ballroom."

Mrs Sugg, who has five sons and two daughters and lives in Lacock, said: "He was quite sporty and flexible in school but ask him to dance and he wouldn’t be too keen.

"I’m not sure how far he can go in the competition. He’s never been one for dancing so this will be something completely new for him.”

On Saturday Joe told his Twitter followers that his gran was already giving him advice. He wrote: "I’m at my nan's house and she’s trying to teach me how to ballroom dance from her chair. 1 2 3 1 2 3.”

He also reported that his family is making jokes and wrote why do I feel like this isn’t going to stop after his father tweeted: "I asked @Joe_Sugg if he was looking forward to the Argentine Tango, he said 'Not really, I prefer Diet Coke'...oh dear."

Joe, 26, who is a former pupil of Corsham School along with his vlogger elder sister Zoella, was brought up in Lacock and attended the village primary. His father Graham is a property developer and his mum Tracey is a beautician.

Commentators have highlighted the face that few people over the age of 40 will have heard of Joe who goes under the name of Thatcher Joe on social media but he is said to be worth millions of pounds and has 8.2 million followers on his main YouTube channel.

Gazette and Herald - 20 August 2018

By Bromham Webmaster, Jul 1 2018 03:16PM

KEEN cyclist Dave Read has just set off on a nine day cycle ride to help the primary school in the village where he lives.

Mr Read will cover 543 miles around the coast of Scotland to help with a project to refurbish a mobile classroom at St Nicholas Primary in Bromham.

He sets off on Wednesday and wants to raise as much as possible towards the revamp which is expected to cost £19,000. The school has already started fundraising and so far has raised £3,700.

Headteacher Jo Lewis said: ""We are really grateful to Dave for taking on such a challenging ride to raise money for our school. He is a fantastic supporter of our school. The mobile building will be such an asset to the school once refurbished and will be used for many things including a new home for our after school club.

"It will also provide additional space for music lessons and a variety of other activities including a base for outdoor learning."

Sponsorship forms have been sent home to parents and they are being urged to get friends and colleagues to join in the fundraising. To donate email admin@st-nicholasvc.wilts.sch.uk or drop a donation into the school office.

The school is also celebrating success in Bromham Carnival where its dragon entry created as part of a topic on ancient civilisations took a top prize. Mrs Lewis said: "The children had lots of fun making masks and the walking dragon which paraded around Bromham as part of the carnival procession.

"The topic covered everything from the pyramids of Egypt to the ancient dynasties of China."

29 June – Gazette and Herald

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BROMHAM had its moment in the sun on Saturday as villagers turned out to cheer on a procession made up of people of all ages.

The hard work of the village's Wednesday Club, which created a huge rocket made out of cardboard and other scraps paid off as it took not just the award for the best float in the pubs and clubs section but also the John Mills Trophy for the best overall.

It is the second year running that the club has scooped top honours. Another big winner was the Little Train of Horrors float created by carnival stalwarts the Stiles family. It came first in its category and also won the Vilma Paget trophy for best effort.

Carnival organisers, who can now relax after two weeks of events, were delighted with the standard of floats and with the numbers that turned out to support the procession. A marching band and majorettes of both the traditional and male variety added to the fun.

Peter Hindle from the carnival committee said: "It was a fantastic carnival. Thanks must go to all of those who entered the procession. There was an amazing amount of effort and talent.

"People worked so hard on their floats and walking costumes.

"As a committee it makes it all worthwhile to see such a fitting climax to the fortnight."

Other winning entries included St Nicholas School who created a giant monster as part of a Go Wild theme children had been studying. They took the walking group prize for best school or association. While The Three Emojis made up of Ronnie and George Campion and Linda Hitchcox were named as the best adult walking group. and Sandra Drake and Laura Spice were the best family walking group for their 70 years of the NHS entry.

Bromham Brownies took the school prize for floats with their sweet treats entry.

The carnival committee has announced the favourite bear on its teddy trail was North Korea.

25 June - Gazette and Herald

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