Aerial view from the church around the Wiltshire village of Bromham in Wiltshire, near to the towns of Calne, Melksham, Devizes and Chippenham

Carnival fun starts in Bromham

By Bromham Webmaster, Jul 13 2017 08:15PM

CARNIVAL fun and frolics start in Bromham tomorrow (June 9) when young royalty are chosen ready for two weeks of celebrations.

A carnival prince and princess plus a fairy princess and a young prince will be chosen in the village social centre from 7pm. Children aged from seven to 11 can compete to be prince and princess while youngsters under seven are needed for the two other categories.

Winners and runners up will receive cash prizes. After the judging a junior quiz will be held with teams of six mixed age group children.

Next up with a horse race night at The Owl on Saturday (10) at 7.30pm and then a car boot sale in the social centre care park from 12.30pm. This will be followed by a pet show on the Millennium Field from 2pm.

On Monday (12) action will move back to The Owl at 7.30pm for a pubathlon which includes traditional games such as table skittles, shove halfpenny, curling, skittles, darts and speed pool.

On Tuesday there is junior housey housey at the social centre from 5pm followed by adult bingo at 8pm. A music quiz will be held at The Owl on Wednesday from 7.30pm.

Next Friday there will be a field events evening at Jubilee Field from 7pm which will include welly throwing, bale pushing and a mower race.

The carnival will culminate in the parade which will be held at Millennium Field on June 24 from 2pm to 9.30pm. Judging will be at Pound Field at 1pm and the procession will set off at 2pm. There will be live music from 6pm to 9.30pm.

Gazette and Herald - 7 June 2017

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View from the tower of SAt Nicholas Church, Bromham, Wiltshire