Aerial view from the church around the Wiltshire village of Bromham in Wiltshire, near to the towns of Calne, Melksham, Devizes and Chippenham

Bromham church has haunting tribute to plight of refugees

By Bromham Webmaster, Dec 15 2016 10:01PM

CHURCHGOERS in Bromham were so moved by a Christmas tree representing war-torn Aleppo that they asked for it to be kept on display for an two extra weeks.

St Nicholas churchwarden Michael Lloyd-Jones came up with the tree with broken branches and broken children's toys at its foot to represent the destruction in the under-siege Syrian city.

He worked with Ernest Escott, a churchwarden at Sandy Lane, to bring his idea to life.

Mr Escott said: "We made the display to show those of us in warm homes, with roofs over our heads, and full bellies that others are not so fortunate, especially the people of Aleppo and other war zones.

“The situation there is so horrifying, perhaps through the power of prayer we may be able to make a difference.”

The tree was put on display as part of St Nicholas' fifth Christmas Tree Festival and churchwarden Heather Armstrong said it had a profound effect on everyone who saw it.

She said: "The congregation voted to leave the tree up until December 18.

Visitors can view it between 8.30am and 5pm.

St Nicholas is also to hold a special service on Christmas Eve at 4pm at the Old Blind House in High Street, Bromham for a crib service.

Mrs Armstrong said: "At the end, we’ll have a live baby to represent Jesus to put into the crib. All are welcome.”

Gazette and Herald - 7 December 2016

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View from the tower of SAt Nicholas Church, Bromham, Wiltshire